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Currently, we are working on the production and supply of knitted garments to our customers worldwide. We aim to achieve more potential customers to our business from all parts of the world. In addition, we try to employ innovative measures and developing trends of the fashion industry into our business. We work to get more positive feedbacks from our customers in future and try to introduce them with innovation and new trends. To reward our employees those who are volunteered with selected community programs with extra bonuses, gifts and time off.

The short term goal of our business is to enhance the advertising features of our business in the succeeding months. The long-term goal of our business is to achieve a greater position in the garments industry and to occupy a larger position in the market. Also, we aim to gain more profit and double the revenue of our business by the end of the economic year.

We will make efforts to improve our online services and make it easily available to the customers and to gain more traffic to our site. Also, we try to give more offers and incentives to our customers and value added benefits to them.